Innovative technological solutions from Wärtsilä

When Viking Glory embarks on its maiden voyage, the vessel will be powered with help of six highly efficient 31DF multi-fuel engines and numerous smart systems from the Finnish technology group Wärtsilä – with a minimal environmental footprint as a result.

Instead of four large engines, like on Viking Grace, Viking Glory is being equipped with six smaller ones to further optimize engine load in a navigation environment with many speed restrictions. Using smaller engines, response time is even faster, which is important in both archipelago navigation and harbour manoeuvres.

Wärtsilä’s multi-fuel engines mainly use liquefied natural gas (LNG) and are already installed today on Viking Grace. Now a new milestone has been achieved as Viking Glory becomes the first vessel in the world to be equipped with the company’s new 31DF engines.

The combination of high efficiency, record-low fuel consumption and reduced emissions is expected to produce low operating costs and a minimal environmental footprint. Wärtsilä will also equip Viking Glory with its navigation system as well as a number of other advances that will reduce the vessel’s environmental impact.

Here you can get a brief overview of other innovations from Wärtsilä, which along with the 31DF engines will help reduce emissions and enable Viking Glory’s more efficient operation.

LNGPac system

The recently developed engines have somewhat higher pressure in the vessel’s gas system, which means pressure levels will be maintained by LNG pumps instead of traditional heat exchangers. The LNGPac system stores and supplies the engines’ fuel.

CSS system

An advanced engine exhaust noise reduction system already used today on Viking Grace. CSS stands for Compact Silencer System and meets our noise level requirements (maximum of 50 decibels at a distance of 100 metres).

Nacos Platinum system

Navigation system that represents a unique combination of integrated control systems for route planning, monitoring and control, which reduces workloads and improves navigation safety for the vessel’s navigators.

SmartPredict system

Recently launched innovation that provides safer, more efficient operation by showing the vessel’s predicted position and course. The system, which has a configurable display, assesses the wind and sea state affecting the vessel in order to provide advanced motion prediction.

BWMS ballast water management system

Specially constructed system to remove invasive species from ballast water discharge or render them harmless.

Bow thrusters

High-quality thrusters with a compact design that provides increased compressive force. Enables automated, hawserless mooring in port.

Why Wärtsilä?

It is hardly surprising that we chose Wärtsilä to be our supplier. Its strong environmental focus, Viking Line’s good experience with the company on Viking Grace, and proximity to its factory in Vaasa, Finland, with the possibility of service without any downtime made it a natural choice.

“The value of operating using Wärtsilä’s LNG-fuelled engines is obvious from our experience with Viking Grace. The LNGPac fuel system also provides necessary safety and uninterrupted operation, so we did not hesitate to hire Wärtsilä again for this project”, says Viking Line’s president and CEO, Jan Hanses.