Viking Glory – our new ship

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We want to show you the archipelago like you’ve never seen it before. On board there’s nothing blocking your view, the sea is ever-present. To fulfil our mission of safeguarding this unique maritime environment, we make use of the latest technologies. Putting environment and comfort first, the travel experience of tomorrow takes shape. Welcome to a greener, more beautiful world. Welcome to Viking Line.

Experiences on board

Slowly but surely, the most modern passenger ship on the Baltic Sea is taking shape. Are you curious about Viking Glory’s facilities and all it has to offer?

Come take a sneak peek. This page is updated regularly, so please keep checking back.

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We love new technology

Call us technology geeks if you want, but our environmental journey begins with our technological innovations. And when it comes to Viking Glory and new environmental technology, you’ll have to get used to expressions such as “first in the world” and “least environmental impact”.

For instance, Viking Glory will be the first cruise ferry in the world that uses ABB’s Azipod® electric propulsion, a system that saves both time and energy in manoeuvring the vessel. Thanks to the brand-new multi-fuel engines from Wärtsilä, fuel consumption is further optimised. Other Swedish and Finnish inventions make it possible to convert both waste heat from the vessel’s engines and waste cooling power from liquefied natural gas into electricity.

New technology New technology

At the shipyard

Right now, hammers are banging away and work is going full speed at Xiamen's shipyard. Come join us behind the scenes and see one of the most climate-smart ships in the world taking shape.

It takes time to build a ship that is 222 metres long. You now have a unique opportunity to follow the work at Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry’s shipyard in China from start to finish. Get the latest updates and learn some fun facts, like how many litres of paint it takes to paint Viking Glory in Viking Line’s traditional red and white.

At the shipyard At the shipyard


We bring you the sea – rocky islets, swelling waves and the bright blue horizon. Thanks to large panoramic windows, you’ll always feel you have a ringside seat – no matter where you are on board.

We asked our passengers what they think is important and soon realized that the views and closeness to the archipelago play a critical role. At Viking Line, we feel the same way. So we’re building a ship with large windows that look onto the sea. You can look forward to a slow cruise with absolutely stunning views.

Design Design

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Maiden voyage in early 2022